The ASICS Gel Venture 6

ASICS Gel Venture 6 – The Complete Review

The redesigned ASICS Gel Venture 6 is specially made to help you rake up the miles and explore new possibilities. It is one of the most stable shoes featuring some of the latest technology used by ASICS on their shoes. This model has a trail-specific outsole and high-abrasion rubber for confident traction which helps you improve your running experience on all kinds of terrain. The shoe also has Rearfoot GEL® cushioning which means a soft gel is inserted in the midsole to provide shock absorption and keep your feet comfortable as you pound them along a path, and the removable sockliner enables you to insert a custom orthotic for a personalized fit. For added comfort, the shoe features a plush tongue and collar to prevent picking up sand and gravel on the trail. The AHAR® Outsole offers excellent durability so you can keep wearing your new favorite piece of footwear for a long time.

The Look:

This running shoe has a casual and sporty look. It is available in a lot of colors so that you can style it according to your preference and mix and match your athletic gear. The upper is made of a synthetic mesh which is moderately breathable and somewhat flexible but not a lot. The outsole has AHAR technology, which means it is made of a high abrasion rubber that does not only give it a good grip but also makes the bottom of the shoe look aesthetically pleasing.

The ASICS Gel Venture 6

The synthetic lightweight material that the shoe is made of gives it a sleek and stylish appearance while the available colors are vibrant and beautiful giving the shoe a comfy look. The new design allows adequate air circulation. The mesh is also made from light fabric to reduce the weight of the shoe. The shoe does not have a waterproof liner, but it provides basic water deflection. While the added height of the shoe does not only give it a nice look but is also beneficial when you walk on rocky paths.

Overall, the ASICS Gel Venture 6 has a sleek look paired with adequate features that are designed while keeping your comfort in mind.

The Feel:

The ASICS Gel Venture 6 is a moderately comfortable shoe that offers good support to your feel. Some of the features of this shoe that improve its feel include; The Gel Cushioning System, High Traction System, FlyteFoam midsole, and AHAR outsole. This combination of features ensures that you attain top performance with ease. The shoe weigh about 9 ounces for women’s shoes and 11 ounces for the men’s model, which is a medium weight, but it may feel higher for those who are used to very lightweight footwear.


The midsole is made with gel technology cushioning which is designed to provide good shock absorption while also adding some stability so that the shoe feels both comfortable and stable. The sockliner that lines the inside of the shoe is somewhat thick and has semi-rigid padding. The ASICS Gel Venture 6 also has a moderate heel cup which is not very deep, but it offers some support through cushioning around the heel.

The insole is made of a thick foam material that is easily flexible but not overly plush. It feels reasonably cushioned without being overly bulky. Some people might not feel like this is the right choice for them. But Even though the insole of this shoe is a bit lower in the arch than other running shoes, it still offers a good amount of support.

ASICS GEL Venture 6- front


Works perfectly if you have flat feet.

The Gel Venture 6 has a 10mm heel-to-toe drop, which makes it a stable and good choice for those who have neutral arches and moderate for people with flat feet. However, it is not a good choice for those who have high arches. The sockliner can be removed to accommodate a medical orthotic.


When trying it on, the shoe feels a bit stiff originally, along with being stable and firm. The cushioning is just fine but not exceptional. The outsole is made of a high abrasion rubber and has plenty of grip which makes it optimal for trail running. It is a bit stiffer than normal running shoes and may require a break-in period.

Many people have noted that the heel collar is quite snug, not overly padded but still secure enough to keep your feet locked in and comfortable. One of the complaints about the Gel Venture 6 is that it is not as plush as other running shoes on the market. One of the most common complaints is that the upper of the ASICS Gel Venture 6 is not as breathable as other models by ASICS.


In the case of ASICS Gel Venture 6, it seems to be true to size. It comes with a regular as well as a wide option so that your feet do not feel too cramped. The shoe has Gel Cushioning and adequate foam to protect your feet and minimizing the impact effect, most buyers have found them comfortable even after hours of running.

Most people have expressed their satisfaction with the sizing of the Gel Venture 6, but some people find the shoe to be a little too wide in the forefoot. A few people have also complained that their feet felt sore after running a long distance in these shoes. The shoe is built for neutral gait and is best fitted for runners whose feet tend to roll slightly inward when running, it may prove to be uncomfortable for people who have a high arch.

Pros & Cons

  • • Best shoe for plantar fasciitis
  • • Is rugged and ensures great performance on a variety of surfaces
  • • Good for running and casual purposes
  • • Lightweight and stylish
  • • Protects from protruding objects
  • • Can be customizable with custom orthotics
  • • Affordable.
  • • The upper of the Gel Venture 6 is not well breathable
  • • Some people have complained about the narrow fitting.
  • • The rubber sole may seem hard and not flexible enough to some
  • • Does not have a rock plate and will not seriously protect  from rocky and sharp encounters.
  • • The shoe may skid on wet flat surfaces.
  • • The ASICS Gel Venture 6 may require a break-in period for some


Overall, the ASICS Gel Venture 6 is a good and budget-friendly trail-running shoe. It features all the characteristics of an ideal trail shoe; it is stylish, comfortable, versatile, and affordable. The shoe feels comfortable for both long or short-distance running and makes your experience a comfortable one. You can travel long distances in the shoe without worrying about durability. The change in climate does not affect the working of this shoe and it can even be used for marathon running. These shoes are sturdy companions that will keep your feet safe, warm, and stable as you travel long distances.

It is normally very hard to find a good, multipurpose shoe which is what ASICS is offering at a fairly low price. All the qualities listed above make the ASICS Gel Venture 6 a solid contender in the marker of trail running shoes. The shoe does not excel at anything but provides ample traction (even in harsh conditions like snow or heavy rainfall) and lasts as long as shoes that cost double the price. When it comes to complaints, there are not many to list for this piece of footwear. However, depending on your foot shape, you may feel differently. In the end, you are the one who can make the best decision for your feet. Whether you should buy this shoe or not is completely dependent upon what you are looking for in footwear. If you have a low to mid arch and are looking for a shoe that is long-lasting with good features and a nice overall look, then the ASICS Gel Venture 6 is a good choice for you.

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