ASICS GT 1000 9 – A Complete Review

This ASICS GT 1000 9 review helps you decide whether this is the right shoe for you or not. The GT 1000 9 provides maximum stability and just might be the perfect pair of shoes to help you reach your running goals. It provides optimal support to your feet from start to finish. Every step is comfortable due to FLYTEFOAM® Propel technology which gives the GT-1000 its remarkable lightweight quality. The TRUSSTIC SYSTEM® technology works to improve the stability in the mid-foot area while the DUOMAX® technology imparts the essential firmness to the midsole and the arch. The durability is focused on key areas that normally wear down faster over time. Lets discuss below how all these features add up.

ASICS GT 1000 9 for women


Right off the bat its clear that the GT 1000 9 has a modern and stylish look, it features a flexible mesh upper for excellent breathability to keep you comfortable and cozy. The aesthetic and color of these shoes have been praised by many. ASICS gives you a choice between 12 colorways including colors like blue/black, lime zest/black, gray/black, sheetrock/black, etc. The colorway is designed so that you can wear these shoes for a run and wear them for daily activities making it quite aesthetically versatile.

The upper boasts a visual design utilizing new materials. The updated engineering mesh gives the shoe a sleek appearance and offers increased breath-ability. It may feel a little tight at first, but as reviewed by a long-time user, it stretches out over time as you run in these shoes. It is also quick drying and the toe cap which has now moved underneath the mesh gives it a more stylish appearance. The ASICS logo on the shoe also stands out due to its reflective look. Overall, the shoe has a simple build that focuses on both comfort and style.

However there are a few downsides.

A few reviewers have mentioned that the upper of the GT 1000 9 looks a little underwhelming and cheap when compared with some of the other shoes on the market. Few reviews also mention that the laces are quite wide and affect the overall look of the shoes.



Right of the bat, the shoes feel very light and upon first wear, you can feel a noticeable bounce when walking/running in the shoe. The heel counter hugs the heel and provides a snug grip that continues through the midfoot. The GT 1000 9 also features a foam base that cushions your feet as you walk. The material design allows for airflow through the shoe when walking, but does not let water in. The shoe is also irritation-free since the upper is seamless. The forefoot of the GT 1000 9 has a full-length guidance line and a vertical flex groove to improve your gait.

ASICS GT 1000 9 for men


A removable eva sock liner in the GT 1000 9 provides cushioning for all-day comfort while the rear foot gel cushioning system helps to absorb during impact and remains responsive no matter the distance. The A6 FLYTEFOAM® and DUOMAX® system technology in the midsole is designed to respond to your natural gait with truss-tic system technology working to improve mid-foot strength as you run. The AHAR® (ASICS High Abrasion Rubber) outsole is highly abrasion-resistant, durable, and flexible to make sure that you get a smooth, cushioned, and comfortable ride with the GT 1000 9. The cushioning locks your feet in for a secure and comfortable fit while the lacing system is simple and effective allowing you to tie the perfect tie on the first attempt.

Will the GT 1000 9 work for you?


This piece of footwear is best suited for runners with low to normal arches and a foot strike ranging from slightly over-pronated to neutral. There is 31mm of the stack under the heel and 21mm on the foot, while the offset on the shoe is 10mm. They work together to make the shoe more stable and provide smooth toe-offs. The stride feels great and is snug where it needs to be, but it might feel narrow for people who have wide feet.

This shoe will also not work for neutral runners since the basic DUOMAX® technology in the midsole provides arch support to your foot and is generally not something you want as a neutral runner. It is possible for a neutral runner’s arches to fatigue enough to where a little arch support can be benefiting, but there are other shoes on the market which are better suited for neutral runners.

You might also dislike the lacing on the shoe because the laces are not long enough to tie a runner’s tie.


Sizing can prove to be a big issue for shoes, the fit of the shoe is bound to make a big difference to your overall experience. While a snug fit can make you leap with joy, a loose and uncomfortable fit can ruin the whole experience, leaving a lot to be desired. A huge number of people complain that one of their biggest problems is finding the right fit for their feet. Luckily, the GT 1000 9 seems to have no problem in the sizing area.

The ASICS GT 1000 9 runs true to size. The upper provides a tailored fit from heel to toe, it is a bit tighter in the heel and midfoot area and expands out in the forefoot area. Although the snugness in the midfoot area might be bothersome for some runners, most buyers seem happy with the fit of the shoe. One of the reviewers has mentioned that after running a while in these shoes, they felt very uncomfortable because the heel portion of the insole was very narrow for the feet. Since this seems to be an ongoing problem with buyers of the ASICS GT 1000 series, we do not recommend these shoes for people with wider heels.

Pros & Cons

  • Is comfortable and stable. Is very supportive.
  • The shoe is budget-friendly.
  • Versatile for different activities such as running, gym and routine tasks. T
  • he aesthetic of the shoe is nice as well, it does not look like just a running shoe but is quite stylish.
  • Is durable.
  • The shoe is lightweight and fast to run/walk-in.
  • The redesigned upper is more breathable.
  • Materials are of good quality.
  • The shoe holds a firm grip, especially on paved surfaces.
  • The shoes can become uncomfortable when you run very long distances.
  • There is no Flytefoam Propel cushioning in the forefoot.
  • A few buyers have said that these shoes require a break-in period to get comfortable while running in these shoes.
  • They can prove to be quite slippery on wet surfaces.
  • The shoe is a bit narrow and not recommended for those with a wider foot. Even the wide model of the shoe is not wide enough to be comfortable for some people.
  • The shoes are not recommended for running a longer distance (no more than 10k length).


ASICS GT 1000 9 for men


The Asics GT 1000 9 is a budget-friendly stability trainer that is durable and light. Loaded with many features, they are worth every penny of their affordable price tag. If you are not one to compromise on stability and comfort, this shoe is designed for you. We recommend the ASICS GT 1000 9 for those who are overpronating and in search of long-lasting and stable shoes. However, we will not recommend this shoe for neutral runners.

To summarize, the ASICS GT 1000 9 is a stable running shoe designed for runners and athletes who are seeking a stable ride. This piece of footwear is crafter using several advanced technologies that deliver a combination of functional style and comfort. It is also affordable and is perfect to use for workouts and casual walks. It excels in 5k to 10k length runs, but a longer distance than that, the GT 1000 9 seems to tire the feet. This is one of the most important things to consider for potential buyers since it seems that the longer you run, the more unforgiving the shoes become. All in all, this shoe is a great product at a good price for people who want to start running and need a stability trainer.

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