How to stretch shoes? 5 things you can do at home.

There is nothing more harmful for your feet than a shoe that is too tight. Not only do they make walking hard but can also harm your feet. Tight shoes mess with your nail growth and makes movement uncomfortable. Although not every tight shoe means that you need to buy a new one. Sometimes even new shoes can feel stiff. However we can effectively stretch the shoes to make them more comfortable. Now, let’s dive into how to stretch shoes, here are 5 things you can do right from your home:


Stretching shoes.

How to stretch shoes?

Wear your shoes around the house.

Try wearing the tight shoes casually around the house. What your shoes need is a little bit of use and stretching. Constant use will make them adjust smoothly to the shape of your feet and will loosen up the tight areas. 

  • Wear them for short periods during your day
  • If the shoes feel too tight and hurt, take them off.

Wear some thick socks with your shoes.

wear thick socks with your shoes

Put on some thick socks, and wear your shoes. The objective here is to get your foot in for a short while. The shoe will need to make room for the additional space and the threads will loosen up a little resulting in a beautiful well stretched comfortable shoe.

  • Only wear thick socks with shoes for a short while. We just need a good stretch, not tear the fabrics
  • When wearing the shoes, you can also use a hair dryer to heat the tightened areas.
  • If you can’t really get your foot in at all with the socks, it’s advisable to just get a new one that fits better. 

Try freezing your shoes.

This method is better suited for non-leather shoes:

  • Take a good, airtight, plastic big and fill it partially with water. Seal the bag and place it near a tightened area.
  • Pop that shoe into the freezer
  • As ice expands it will give your shoes a nice stretch, loosening up the area.

Use an object to stretch your shoes.

Use crumple paper to stretch the top of the shoe.

Crumpled up papers or any other round objects you can find can also be used to stretch your shoe. They just need to be placed within the shoe to stretch it from the inside.

  • Cram the crumpled paper in tight areas.
  •  Be careful to not overstretch or loosen it more than you need to. It can affect the feel and look of your shoe.

Get an adjustable shoe tree for stretching.

These tools are a shoe repair item but can also be bought over at amazon{linkhere} to fix your shoe and effectively open up tight areas. They are available for both men and women shoes. 

The adjustment handles of these devices easily fix the length and width of your shoe. It also has these specially designed plugs to handle problem areas on the top of the shoe.You can also use some shoe stretching sprays along with these tools. Get some of those sprays here{linkhere}.

How to know if the shoe is right for you?

A well fit shoe.

Generally it is advisable that you take your time in finding the perfect shoe for yourself to avoid any future stretching. Here are some ways to know if its right for you:

  • Your toes must touch the front of your shoe. However they must not be pushing into the front. That indicates that the shoe is too tight.
  • The toes must be relaxed with gaps between them. They must not overlap over each other or push into the front or the sides.
  • The shape of the shoe must fit with your feet. You can’t put on broad shoes if you have thin feet. 

Take your time when shopping, put them on once or twice to see how they feel and that way you wont ever have to worry about wrong sizes and stretching your shoes. Never stick with a shoe that hurts because it can cause more harm than good. 



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