New Balance 992: A Complete Review

The New Balance 992 review.

The 992 is a new balance classic. In fact it might be adequate to call it the Steve Jobs shoe since he was quite a fan of the original 992 issued in 2006. However this review tackles the re issued 992 which is now up for sale with a price tag 175$. Lets see what it has to offer.

The look.

Visually this shoe is the epitome of the dad shoe. But that doesn’t mean it’s poorly designed or anything. The shoe uses a combination of mesh, leather and suede. Leather crosses over the toe box and joins the suede. The middle features some premium suede and laces. On the back and right at the top it sports the new balance logo and the 992 branding. All things aside the shoe may look bulky when browsing its images but it looks really sleek and sharp when worn.

Let’s talk about what’s inside. Inside the insole is very soft and comfortable and features the new balance branding. I’ll elaborate more on why this is a good thing in the next section.

The shoe comes in different vibrant color schemes as well but in keeping with its Steve jobs tradition you can’t go wrong with the basic grey color scheme.  

The New Balance 992 is the epitome of the dad shoe.

The feel

The look may work with you or not. But let’s talk about an area where the New Balance 992 really shines. And that is its feel. This just might be the most comfortable shoe you’ll ever wear in this price tag.

The new balance sports the ABZORB technology. The ABZORB® SBS details are visible on the back heel and forefoot. These provide the most supreme cushioning and comfort. The ABZORB sps provides optimal shock absorption for your feet and the superb quality of the build ensures that the shoe won’t flatten easily. The sneakers also boast the ENCAP® midsole incorporated with Ndurance technology. This is the midsole. 

Overall both technologies are quite innovative and offer a solid shoe that offers maximum cushioning.

The 992 doesn’t lose its comfort even after hours of wearing it. The upper mesh ensures ventilation for your feet and also offers that nice bit of flexibility.  Textile lining on the padded heel and tongue allow for added cushioning and support. Apart from that the shoe feels quite light weight on your feet and is every bit worth the price tag if you value comfort over excessive style and aesthetics. 


However it is important to talk about sizing here for a little while. The upper part of the 992 is built a little wide so that might mean trouble for narrow footed wear. That is why it is recommended to go one size down for narrow footed and maybe a half size down for wide footed wearers. However once you get the sizing down correctly this is a very comfortable shoe that you can wear for hours. or if you have bought the wrong size than you can read our article on how  How to stretch shoes ? its a detailed article on how you can use daily life items to stretch the size of your shoe 

Pros & Cons

  • Is an original american made shoe with premium build and quality.
  • Is highly comfortable and can be worn for hours
  • Wont flatten easily
  • Quite lightweight
  • Has some long laces. Might be a problem for some
  • Is very hard to get a hold of as it sells out very quick.
  • Many reviewers mention that their pair has visible glue stains near the midsole panel.

The verdict

Look, if you’re out looking for a new balance classic or for a highly comfortable shoe then the New balance 992 is the shoe for you. The 992 won’t provide the most flashy look but the quality of the build and materials is premium and in the end it serves its purpose very well: providing comfort. or if  you  are someone who is the runner type than you can check our review on The New Balance 996  and  New Balance OMN1S It might be adequate to call the 992, the 'Steves Jobs' shoe

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